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phantomthiefcrow asked: I agree with the animation, it's pretty basic. but. did you notice Varric had like DEAD eyes it looked like they were crossed!


Yeah, they are uncomfortably close to feeling cross-eyed at points.  Part of this might also be how flat they look… for some reason there’s no gloss or highlights to the eyes.  A bigger issue is that his eyes have no eye darts at all…  he does a head movement in this particular shot, and if his view was fixed on something, then that means his eyes should’ve adjusted accordingly.  When the iris doesn’t dart or adjust to counteract the head movement, it makes him look like he’s either blind or cross-eyed. 

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Yup, the trailer used actual game footage. I can see why they didn’t need to commission Blur Studios for their ‘cinematic’ trailer, since their in-game engine is more than capable in letting them produce it in-house.

Ehhh… the engine may be capable, but Blur in general has a much higher quality of animations than those seen in this trailer.  I saw a lot of dead eyes, simple facial animation, and lazy phonemes.  Environments, models and everything else of course is looking great, but the animation is still unfortunately still the same ‘ol Bioware level.

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Did you know originally Mordin was supposed to be a sentinel, a combination of tech and biotic powers?  They went so far as to record dialogue for the suicide mission.  Mordin was at one point a choice to hold the biotic bubble during ‘The Long Walk’ section of the mission.  Here is his dialogue for that. 

40 seconds long

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ellewood117 said: OMG Artsy you were there!?! So was I! I was at the ME booth as well! I was totally thinking about you since Luciano Costa was there. Can’t believe I didn’t see you. Were you there when they first set up or not until later? They were both super nice.

Yeah!  :D  I had a chance to talk with them for a bit, I think we had gone there sometime after noon, maybe 2 or 3-ish?  I can’t remember…. but there wasn’t anyone else at their table when I went there :(

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