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bulletformybanana asked: So I've also emailed Gamingheads as well asking about a Kaidan statue and they told me they currently don't have any plan for him but the suggestion would be passed to the Creative Director. So maybe if enough people request it they'll actually make one? Or something for Kaidan at least.

That’s also what I was hoping, if enough people express interest to them, they might actually look into it.  I guess all we can do is hope that other Kaidan fans also do the same!

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being a kaidan fan is suffering, it’s like

  • even bioware spells his name wrong. even bioware
  • liara and garrus and tali and practically everyone else in the franchise get oodles of merchandising and there are garrus busts and detailed figures and play arts figures and liara busts and detailed figures and play arts figures and they’re constantly being announced and then for kaidan it’s like “if you squint, this one t-shirt is for you, kaidan fans!”
  • suffering
  • suffering.

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So I emailed Gamingheads (the guys making the Liara statue) to see if they were making any more Mass Effect ones, specifically Kaidan and got the response:

"Yes, we will be making more Mass Effect statues. However, we currently do not have a plan for Kaidan Alenko statue :("
It might be worth it if others also try contacting them though… maybe if they get enough inquiries they might more seriously consider it.  You can drop them a message HERE
Makes me wonder though… is anyone going to the San Diego Comic-con Bioware panel?  If they have a Q&A it would be a real good opportunity for someone to ask them for Kaidan merch to their faces to get them to acknowledge there might actually be some fucking demand for it.

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