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Bummer about non-player-romancey Vivienne, but that just keeps my little fantasy of Vivienne and Cullen having a fling alive 

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So I opened my email and saw this:


and thought “oh cool! I can get a scale delorean for that Marty McFly Hot Toys figure I preordered!”

And then:




and I couldn’t help thinking


…I mean, I’ve bought several Hot Toys figures, but this is sort of a lot for a car (even if the car takes up the entire shelf).  This shit better be made out of stainless steel like the real car itself for this price…

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lol people are wound up in a tizzy over Solas having a very specific romance requirement… I have no idea why people are going crazy over this

the only thing I’d be going crazy over is the ability to give the damn man some hair