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I find it interesting the BioWare fandom is so quick to dismiss characters like Kaidan and Carth as β€œwhiny” when literally a day can’t go by without a BioWare fan complaining about something.

Just goes to reinforce things I’ve learned about what the dregs of the Bioware fandom don’t like:

- They don’t like characters that challenge their views (even when the player does questionable things), and that don’t have unwavering loyalty 24/7

- They don’t like characters who think a little too much for themselves

- They don’t like a character that isn’t readily promiscuous with them

- They don’t like male characters that try to relate their feelings or thoughts too often

- They don’t like characters that don’t constantly fixate on the player (i.e. characters that have their own lives/issues to work out)

- They don’t like characters that take work to get to know, or take extra effort to get to open up (there is a distinct line here, a certain percentage of effort is allowable, past that point they start to complain)

But yeah, you’re right, the only “whiners” present are those fans themselves… and it’s annoying as hell because they’ll deny that tooth and nail.

This is often why you often see devs treat gamers/fans almost like little children rather than adults, because those gamers really don’t have the capacity for enjoying a complex character.

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