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Been a slow night, so I thought I’d try my hand at making a custom maleShep, even though I doubt I’ll actually play him.  Man is it hard not to make an ugly one!

Harkness “Hark" Shepard

Adept, Ruthless, Spacer

A little older than most Sheps… I liked his weary, worn gaze and glints of silver in his hair.  If I was going to play with him, I’d try making him as Renegade as possible, since I never usually do that.

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    speaking of hot shepards, wow
  2. brandnewandancient said: I dunno, that last pic he’s got this serious smolder going on. I think he looks pretty good myself >_>
  3. rosenkovmaterials said: dats a good lookin’ manshep.
  4. kittymills said: OH! i like him
  5. somberkind said: He’s not bad looking at all. My male sheps are always hideous. HOW DO MALE FACES EVEN WORK
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