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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Beta

Well, they sent me a beta invite so I figured, what the hell?  The first thing I did of course is recreate my beloved elvaan Gaddes from my old FFXI days (hey, when you play a game for 7+ years, it’s hard to let go of it completely, lol).  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a Thief class (*sobs violently*) so I had to settle for Gladiator so I at least had a dagger to swing around.

I was amused that my elvaan’s hairstyle (ponytail with 2 bang strands) was still ported over into this game, so it wasn’t hard to recreate him… but man I miss my elvaan sometimes…



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    Rebloging elvaan for Nat. Heres hoping this means lots of Miquo’te at C86.
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    my elvaan in ff11 looked like this too!! he was a dancer :D
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  4. kluna01 said: My friends won’t shut up about a realm reborn, they just won’t. So I guess I’m joining them since I bought it awhile ago…that and…Scholar with fairies….yes…
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