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I picked up some really cool vouchers on LivingSocial a while back for cheap prices on canvas printing from and decided
to print one of my old favorite pieces I've Got Your Back”. It’s actually a really neat effect printing on canvas… the texture is cool and almost gives it a look like it was painted/inked on rather than printed on.  I totally recommend it, although I’d personally wait for when they have sales or coupons, since their regular pricing for canvases is stupidly expensive and my LivingSocial voucher had lowered it to 12.95 for a 12” x 18” canvas, which is waaay more reasonable than their regular $89 (*gag*)

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  1. jelenedrake said: Do you mind if we use your art for said coupons? You have (quite a few) pieces I wouldn’t mind hanging in my office.
  2. lyriumrain said: Aaaaah so cool.
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